ico-R-32x32  Swiss company incorporation

You wish to evaluate the possibility of registering a company in Switzerland or relocating your company to Switzerland? Swissbenefits specialists provide a wide range of incorporation services.

From the analysis up to the registration, Swissbenefits will guide and support clients during the entire process. Swissbenefits can also offer secretarial and domicile services.

Registration & domicile services

Swissbenefits will recommend what kind of company type will be suitable for your situation and your ambitions. The capital necessary depends on the type of company you choose. Should your company need a domicile, as you are not yet in Switzerland, we will gladly help you with a solution.

Swiss Resident administrator / director and secretarial services

Certain companies require a Swiss resident to be on the board or a director. Swissbenefits offers this service as well as taking care of secretarial duties.


Certain company types are obliged to be audited every year, others can choose to do so. It is in any case recommended to have a professional accountant for assistance from the start.

Switzerland has different types of audits for example for VAT (Value added tax), for salaries of employees as well as social security contributions. Local members of our network can offer support for accounting as well as the audits.

Bank account

Swissbenefits advises clients on the choice of establishment and accompanies them through the process.


Our benefits

  • Specialists and legal advisors
  • Mandate based services
  • No hidden fees
  • Discretion & independence

ico-B-32x32  Services for foreigners

You are an individual or have a company and need support with immigration, visa application or residence permits? Do you need someone to guide you with the local legal regulations?

Swissbenefits offers a wide range of services for foreigners who wish to live, work or study in Switzerland. Workshops are also part of the services that Swissbenefits offers to companies.

Immigration, visa, residency permit

Moving to a new country with different rules and regulations is a big step. Living costs, administrative hurdles as well as every day life will be new and different. Swissbenefits provides support from the moment you consider Switzerland to be an option onwards.

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Integration, Swiss residency

After having decided to make Switzerland your home, the conditions of residency will change. Swissbenefits offers professional support during the transitions, ensuring with follow ups that it will be in accordance to the local regulations.

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Naturalization, become Swiss national

After making Switzerland home, the next step to be considered is obtaining Swiss citizenship. Swissbenefits experts safely navigate clients through the procedure, explaining each step of the way aiming to streamline and facilitate as much as possible.

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Legal advice

Living in a country with a different legal system is a challenge in itself. Swissbenefits experts are specialized in contract as well as public law and offer support for clients as well as workshops enabling clients to understand the legal system in every day life.

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