The company

Swissbenefits is a public limited company according to Swiss law registered with the Swiss commercial register. The headquarters are in the political capital of Switzerland Bern, where there are a large number of federal institutions as well as foreign consulates.

All consults and analysis are guaranteed to be without external financial influence. As the objective is to remain independent, Swissbenefits has decided to offer services solely remunerated by the fees billed to the client, based on the concluded mandate. Swissbenefits receives no commission or remuneration from third parties for intermediary services.
The offer from Swissbenefits for a clients account will be a precise draft of the discussed points. The objective is to fulfill the mandate successfully within the client’s budget.
Swissbenefits has sensitive dossiers from private and corporate clients. For this reason Swissbenefits takes care to take all necessary measures in order to maintain highest confidentiality within the client relationship. All emails are encrypted and correspondence by letter is done by registered mail.


Company objective

Swissbenefits objective is to offer specialized services, legal advice and guidance in the field of immigration, integration and naturalization in Switzerland.

Management board

The general meeting of shareholders has elected a board of directors comprised of lawyers and legal experts.

Internal competences

The management and experts at Swissbenefits all have university degrees in law or economics. The administrative personnel is educated in a manner that they respond immediately to the requests of Swissbenefits clients. Swissbenefits subjects all personnel to a confidentiality clause during and after their employment.


The principal language of Swissbenefits is English. Experts who are fluent in German and French are also available. Workshops can be organized on demand in Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish.


Swissbenefits is owner of the websites: