The importance of accounting

From the first day of activity on, a company must have an accounting plan as well as a process for registering income and expenditure. This is especially important for salaries, VAT as well as social contributions.

Well-managed accounting enables the company to advance business efficiently.

If the company possesses the resources to employ an accountant as well as purchase the software according to local rules, detailed accounting does not pose a problem.

However new companies will find that support from a third party can be necessary in order to set up an accounting plan and teach personnel how to handle the documents. E

Accounting services

Swissbenefits offers fiduciary services together with local partners in Switzerland that are specialized in handling outsourced accounting. for companies.

Salary services

Salaries in Switzerland are subjected to numerous rules and regulations concerning social contributions. Swissbenefits establishes the salary sheets and makes sure the social contributions are up to date and correct.