Permit B (residence permit)

Resident foreign nationals are foreign nationals who are resident in Switzerland for a longer period of time for a certain purpose with or without gainful employment.

As a rule, the period of validity of residence permits for third-country nationals is limited to one year when the permit is granted for the first time. First-time permits for gainful employment may only be issued within the limits of the ceilings and in compliance with Art. 20 of the Aliens Act. Once a permit has been granted, it is normally renewed every year unless there are reasons against a renewal, such as criminal offences, dependence on social security or the labor market. A legal entitlement to the renewal of an annual permit only exists in certain cases. In practice, an annual permit is normally renewed as long as its holder is able to draw a daily allowance from the unemployment insurance. In such cases, however, the holder is not actually entitled to a renewal of the permit.