Expertise from abroad enriches a company with a unique perspective, new inputs and a fresh view. For the foreign expert as well as for the company it can be time consuming to obtain all of the necessary permits and approvals in connection with getting a foreign employee into Switzerland. Depending on what a company is looking for, Swissbenefits offers solutions that are designed to optimize the procedure, saving company resources and the employee’s time.

Small and medium sized enterprises

Companies that do not have a HR department often are forced to invest a great amount of time and resources when trying to find employees with the necessary skills. Should said employee be from another country the effort process can take longer and quickly become more complicated.  Swissbenefits can guide the company during the entire procedure as well as be in direct contact with the employee, supporting and updating the company and the employee during the entire procedure.

HR Support

Larger companies with a HR department often find the employees with the necessary skills, however what if the best man or woman for the job can only be found abroad? Swissbenefits experts can support the HR departments know how with their expertise on immigration, integration and naturalization.


For groups Swissbenefits offers welcome workshops for employees, informing them on the most important rules and regulations to be followed during their stay.

Schools and Universities

Swissbenefits offers onsite support for schools and universities administration during the enrollment period of new students. Presentations and workshops for groups informing them on the most important rules and regulations as well as answering FAQ’s are also available.