How high are the living costs in Switzerland? Will it be possible to obtain a residence permit? How to proceed as a foreigner that doesn’t speak the local language? These as well as many other questions will become relevant once the decision to come to Switzerland has been made. Swissbenefits services include budget analysis, support with public authorities including accompanying clients, obtaining information and follow up in order to obtain a visa or residence permit. Swissbenefits clients don’t have to waste time obtaining information, but can profit from the expertise and experience from one contact, instead of having to embark on a tedious search consulting many.

Residence Permit

Everyone who comes to Switzerland for more than three months is required to obtain a residence permit. Depending on the duration, status, country of origin or previous residency a different permit (B, C, G, L ) will be issued. At the client’s request, Swissbenefits will coordinate all communication with the competent office (unless a personal appearance of the client is mandatory – in this case our clients can request someone to accompany them), manage the dossier including any deadlines, as well as obtain any missing information from the client or the authorities. Once the client has mandated Swissbenefits, regular updates on the progress of the procedure shall be made and guidance provided when necessary, ensuring that no time is wasted in obtaining a permit.

Budget analysis

Before coming to Switzerland – alone or accompanied by a partner or family – the question of the financial feasibility may arise. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, Swissbenefits offers cost estimates in general, individual cost estimates tailored to the clients lifestyle, income based analysis and budgets. At the client’s request an annual analysis can be done, ensuring that the budget is up do date with changes notably in insurance premiums and taxes.

The mandate


The personal consultant from Swissbenefits and the client maintain a privileged relationship. The analysis of the situation or project do not oblige the client to accept the mandate. The objective is a precise analysis of the client’s situation order to be able to offer solutions accordingly.

After the establishment of a mandate, an in depth analysis of the situation from legal as well as economic aspects will be made. A schedule will be established with all of the necessary steps and the approximate delays (provided they are already established).

In complex cases a client can request a report with a summary of the proposed solutions as well as the possible consequences.