For individuals that would like to receive support during the process of immigration, integration or naturalization in Switzerland Swissbenefits offers individual analysis, guidance and advice. For every step legal support is available, as well as workshops in order to facilitate the navigation of daily life.

Family members

An individual that would like to have the family come to Switzerland as well – so called family reunification – has a number of administrative obstacles to overcome. Swissbenefits experts, on the basis of a mandate, offer support with the procedure as well as guidance with the challenges that come with moving children, spouses and pets.


Individuals who would like to stay in Switzerland after having been pensioned and receive their pension from a different country have to fulfill different conditions than employees. Swissbenefits offers analysis of the consequences of moving to Switzerland as well as support with obtaining a residence permit and budget analysis on the basis of a mandate.


Switzerland is an attractive country to work in, however depending on if an employee is coming from the EU or from a country outside of the EU the procedure of obtaining a work permit is different and can be a lengthy procedure. On the basis of a mandate Swissbenefits prepares their clients for all of the administrative procedures and works together with employers and authorities enabling a smooth transition.


Swiss Universities and universities of applied sciences and higher arts are very popular as an exchange destination. Students however are often faced with challenges that have nothing to do with their curriculum. On the basis of a mandate Swissbenefits offers support even before enrolling with information about fees, living costs and budget estimates as well as help with obtaining a residence permit.