After having arrived in Switzerland or having decided to stay for a longer period of time, a new residence permit may be necessary, taxes may be calculated differently and social security can become an issue. Numerous services are available in order to offer support and guidance during this transition period.

Residence Permit

Depending on the first residence permit, after having decided to stay for a longer period of time, it may become necessary to obtain a different one. For example in the case of a former student who has received a career opportunity and thus must change their reason for residency and apply for a different permit.

Upon receiving a mandate, Swissbenefits will coordinate all communication with the competent office *, manage the dossier including any deadlines, as well as obtain any missing information from the client or the authorities. Once the client has mandated Swissbenefits, regular updates on the progress of the procedure shall be made and guidance provided when necessary, ensuring that no time is wasted in obtaining a permit.

* If a client’s personal presence is mandatory – it is possible for Swissbenefits to provide someone to accompany the client.

Social security

Switzerland has a large network of social insurances that covers residence living and working Switzerland, as well as their family members, for risks with potentially considerable financial consequences. The Swiss social security system has five main domains:

  • Old age pensions, death and invalidity insurances as well as occupational pension plans (system of the three pillars)
  • Coverage for health care and the consequences of accidents
  • Paid maternity leave
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Family allowances
These insurances cover the social risks with financial aid (in the form of regular payments, unemployment benefits or family allowances) or by covering the costs for health care or care after an accident.

For new arrivals in Switzerland, this complex insurance system can be difficult to cope with and understand. Upon receiving a mandate, Swissbenefits will analyze the insurances and communicate in a clear and comprehensible manner the differences as well as optimize them, ensuring that the insurances are as close as possible to what the client actually needs. In order to guarantee entire independence and transparence towards clients, Swissbenefits does not accept any commissions from any third party or insurance company. Swissbenefits is neither an agent nor a broker of insurances.


Questions concerning taxes and tax returns are complex and often can only be answered by an expert. Swissbenefits services include tax analyses and the completion of tax returns including explanations in different languages. Swissbenefits can also be mandated to take care of tax returns on an annual basis.

Daily life integration

During the course of daily life one is confronted with a number of important contracts, legal documents as well as bills connected to a clients responsibilities and obligations. For a foreigner recently having arrived in Switzerland, this new and partly unknown legal environment can too often enable disputes to arise with a potentially disadvantageous outcome. Swissbenefits offers the service of analyzing contracts as well as offering guidance and advice to clients enabling them to make a well-informed decision. On the basis of a mandate, clients can delegate the management of personal affairs to Swissbenefits.