Switzerland is a highly regulated country, as a foreigner; possibly not fluent in the local language it can be challenging to navigate the legal system. Swissbenefits multilingual legal experts offer ongoing support in legal advice in matters concerning immigration, integration and naturalization as well as contract law.

Feasibility analysis for immigration, integration, naturalization

For a foreigner coming to Switzerland, or considering a longer or permanent residence, it is wise to analyze the conditions that need to be fulfilled before a new or different permit can be granted. On the basis of a mandate Swissbenefits can analyze the situation and suggest the next course of action, ensuring that the legal angle is taken care of.

Contract analysis

Large numbers of contracts are concluded on a daily basis. Someone unfamiliar with the legal system can be taken advantage of and lawsuits in Switzerland are often an expensive ordeal. Swissbenefits offers on the basis of a mandate the possibility of being proactive and having the contracts checked before conclusion of the contracts. Swissbenefits experts can explain the clauses in a foreign language, ensuring that clients enter contractual obligations fully informed.


Swissbenefits offers workshops that show and explain legal issues of everyday life, as well as advice on how to react in situations that can occur in everyday life and may have legal consequences