After spending a longer period of time in Switzerland, becoming integrated and building a life, in short making Switzerland home, the logical next step is to apply for citizenship. Depending one the status of the resident, a different procedure will be applicable (regular naturalization, facilitated naturalization or renaturalization). Approval must be obtained from the commune as well as the canton; the federal government defines the relevant criteria.


Before beginning the procedure of applying for naturalization it is beneficial to know if the general criteria is fulfilled or if further steps must be taken before commencing the expensive and time consuming procedure. Swissbenefits offers the possibility of a pre – application analysis of a client’s current situation, outlining if it is realistic to proceed immediately or if further steps are necessary before application.


Filling out the applications forms in a foreign language, handing in all of the necessary documents, preparing for the questions from the authorities – there are a number of tasks to be fulfilled over the long procedure of becoming naturalized. Swissbenefits offers support and guidance on the basis of a mandate during the entire procedure, ensuring that deadlines are kept, forms complete and the client well aware and prepared every step of the way.