Establishing a company in Switzerland

Situated in the middle of the EU without being a member, with its own currency and excellent infrastructure, Switzerland is without denial one of the most attractive countries for creating a company.

Taxes are agreeable and easy to handle and the foundation as well as the administration is in most cases quite straight forward.

Additionally, in Switzerland Value Added Tax (VAT) is at 8% (can vary depending on service / product) and is as such one of the lowest rates in Europe. With stable legal system that can be complex to manoevre, but is consistent and reliable this is an attractive place to be for long term settlement.

The process of founding a company is relatively simple, however certain professions and domaines will need additional authoritization.


A public company must have a director or board member with authorization to sign for representation with residency in Switzerland.Next

Secretarial services

Basic company management, mail, emails, phone calls. Our secretarial services.Next

Human Resources

Salaries and social deductions. All companies with employees are obliged to pay social security contributions.Next


Payroll services, VAT, account management, account closing and preparation for audits Next


A network of experts and legal advisors, SwissBenefits AG, based in Wabern, Bern offers support with the foundation of a company accompanying clients during the entire procedure.

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Company types in Switzerland

Unincorporated firm

There are four types of unincorporated firms:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • General Partnership
  • Simple partnership
  • Limited partnership

These types of companies are cheaper and simpler to found, however the founders as well depending on the company the associates are fully liable.

Capital Corporations

There are namely two types of capital corporations:

  • Limited liability company (LLC, GmbH, Sàrl)
  • Company limited by shares (AG, SA)

Foundation costs are higher, however the liability of the owners is limited.

Foundation of a company in Switzerland

Swissbenefits AG accompanies clients during the process including:

  • Name search
  • Drawing up of statutes
  • Forms and signing up
  • Accompaniment to the notary public
  • Translations


Our team can also verify the company name and check if it is still available with the responsable authorities.
The company organisation is regulated in the statutes also known as the articles of incorporation. The Swissbenefits team can prepare and translate the statutes with active participation of the client as well as accompany the client to the notary for the notarization.
Numerous documents are necessary and all of the forms must be complete. Our team takes care of the preperation of your case and makes sure that all documentation is filled out and complete so that the foundation of the company goes through as quickly as possible.
Depending on the type of company your choose, the foundation documents must be notarized. Our team can accompany you and if necessary translate on sight.
The Swissbenefits team is multilingual, so let us know in advance which language you require ensuring that we are well prepared.