Switzerland has some of the finest Universities and educational institutions in the world. However it is recommendable for students to be well informed before undertaking a semester abroad, financial difficulties or hurdles concerning the permit can sour the whole experience. For each phase Swissbenefits offers support, ensuring that the experience is a pleasant learning experience.

Before coming to Switzerland

Before deciding to come to Switzerland, a number of factors should be taken into account. Finances, applications for residence permits as well as practical matter like insurances. Swissbenefits offers support with budgets, expertise with residence permits as well as practical support with what to expect when arriving in Switzerland on the basis of a mandate.

After arrival

Once having arrived in Switzerland daily life can prove to be challenging, a lot must be organized and students need the freedom to concentrate on their educational adventure instead of being worried about daily life. Swissbenefits offers not just support with insurance, contractual issues or permit advice, but also workshops about the most important rules and regulations bringing to attention what must be taken care of and answering questions.

Leaving Switzerland

Students often leave a bit head over heels, which is understandable concerning the short notice and the desire to go back home. However certain issues need to be wrapped up before departure. On the basis of the mandate Swissbenefits offers support with cancelation delays and conditions for all of the contracts that are related to a students stay as well as information on the correct procedure necessary to leave with a clean slate.